Between the East African savannahs and the vast rainforests of the Congo basin, right on the equator, lies the legendary, ice covered Mountains of the Moon.  According to the ancient Greek geographer and astronomer, Ptolemy, these Lunae Montes were the mythical source of the Nile.

The lower slopes of the mountains are characterised by a mild and unique terroir which permits the grow very distinct vanilla and single origin cocoa with a very fruity aroma.

Mountains of the Moon stands for pure and exceptional products, produced in harmony  with nature and in a way that is lasting and fair, a philosophy that our company has followed for four generations.

Our cocoa and vanilla are grown on our own plantation over 1000 small farms.  It is certified Organic  and fair trade “Fair for Life”.  To assure impeccable quality farmers are trained to pay attention to the land, terrain and micro-climate to best  match site, crops and agronomy and only healthy and mature fruits are harvested.

The fair and transparent cooperation with the farmers helps to assure that the farmers and their families earn a decent living and can build their future on organic farming of cocoa and vanilla.

IngredientsCocoa, sugar, cocoa butter & vanilla
Case size18
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