Lineage dating back to the 16th century our family-owned business dedicated to the production of quality wines and cava’s (sparkling wine) made exclusively from grapes grown on our own estate.  Viticulture which cares for and respects the environment, combined with a tradition of winemaking handed down from generation to generation, are the secrets.

No two wines are the same because our vines have their own life and own home in its unique field, where nature has carefully tended our land and crops for century’s. Our interactive estate image offers you the chance to view our estate and see the individual parcels/fields used to make each of our premium wines and cava’s.

We harvest by hand in 20kg baskets placed on selection tables where we select only the very best grapes for each wine to produce.

Our signature wine has to be the fully organic certified Virolet made from 100% Xarel·lo grapes which combines our history and modern wine making techniques beautifully to create and truly wonderful white wine full of texture and expression.

CAVA BRUT Cuvee Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Parellada 11.5%

Ageing: 12-18 months

Straw yellow hue flecked with green, clean and bright, with fine and abundant bubbles. Nice power on the nose. Aromas of white fruits, syrups and some very subtle notes from the ageing process. The cava is fresh and fruity on entry to the palate, with balanced acidity and a long, slightly creamy finish, in which the ageing aromas come through again.

CAVA BRUT NATURE Xarel·lo, Macabeu and Parellada 11.5%

Ageing: 18-30 months

Straw yellow flecked with green, clean and bright, with a long-lasting release of bubbles creating a fine string of beads. The nose is intense with aromas of white fruit against a subtle backdrop of notes derived from the ageing process. Nice on entry, full on the palate, refreshed by a balanced acidity. Long finish replaying the aromas disclosed on the nose.

CAVA BRUT ROSÉ Trepat 11.5%

Ageing: 12-18 months

Ruby cherry colour flecked with purple, clean and bright with fine, long-lasting bubbles forming streams of beads and a nice mousse. The nose is intense, with powerful aromas of red fruit and balsamic notes that accentuate its vibrancy. Soft on the palate, filling it with lovely fresh and fruity sensations, followed by a long, dry finish.

XINO-XANO RED Syrah/Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon

The Xino-Xano Red, made from the Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, is best enjoyed young. This lovely, aromatic wine with an intense colour and nice body, discloses pronounced red fruit aromas with fresh, vegetal notes. The Merlot adds fruit, the Syrah brings foral notes and the Cabernet Sauvignon provides the structure that gives this wine personality.

XINO-XANO WHITE Xarel.lo/Muscat

A young, fresh and fruity white wine is made from the Xarel.lo and Muscat grape varieties. The Xarel·lo is the primary variety on the estate, and this wine would not be complete without it. Adding body and structure, it makes up 85% of the blend. The Muscat, a much fruitier grape with foral notes and freshness, provides the perfect balance within this new white wine.


The Xino-Xano Rosé discloses pronounced aromas of sweet, red fruit, with notes of candy, all typical of our Merlot. the Syrah variety gives the wine a generous Mediterranean character with foral notes and a hint of violets, complementing the Merlot perfectly.

VIROLET 100% Xarel·lo

A white wine with a crystalline appearance and a lemon-yellow hue fleckled with green. Tropical aromas, especially pineapple, converge on the nose, with hints of white fruit (pear, apple, peach, etc.) against a subtle, yet persistent oral backdrop. Pleasant on entry to the palate, with a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. One gets the impression of fullness and candied sweetness. The tropical aromas found on the nose come through again on the palate. This is a very fresh wine with a long, pleasant finish.