All the Carlota range is 100% Organic & Vegan

Carlota Organic came about when two good friends who were already vegetarian decided they wanted to take the next step and become Vegan, but after a few months it was clear to both that there were very few nutritious, tasty options for people with a busy lifestyle.

It was then, that the two friends decided to do something about it, and so Carlota was born.

Original recipes made with organic plant based ingredients and extra virgin olive oil.

Giving a complete and exclusive range of meals including Quinoa dishes, Meatballs, soups, lentil stews and much more.

Exclusive premium recipes with high nutritional values, ready to eat in either single or two people portions, which avoids waste and meets the needs for those who care about both themselves and the environment; Carlota is a plastic free range in glass jars.

With Spain being the top European producer of organic vegetables, it is easy for us to work with only the top Spanish organic farmers, which gives us the advantage to produce at very competitive prices.

Practical, nutritious and delicious, endorsed with the official European organisation  for organic food that guarantees our commitment to both people and planet.